PA Marijuana Charges

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Pa Marijuana Laws

Now that a number of states are making relatively drastic alterations to their marijuana laws, a sizable amount of PA residents are finding themselves wondering about the current marijuana laws and how they will be affected by them. The time has come to take a closer look at the most frequently asked questions about PA marijuana laws.

Be sure to read on and learn more about the various PA marijuana laws and how they are going to be administered going forward. Those who take the time to do so are able to avoid all of the usual pitfalls that tend to take place in these scenarios.

1) Can The Medicinal Marijuana We Are Prescribed Be Smoked?

The new PA marijuana laws allow citizens to receive prescriptions for medical marijuana and these same citizens are currently wondering if they are able to smoke the marijuana that they are prescribed in its most traditional form. However, the laws clearly state that the medical marijuana is to be taken in other forms. Patients are able to use medical marijuana in the form of a pill, topical treatment or a liquid vapor. The prescription will depend on the patient's specific illness.

2) What About Marijuana Brownies?

The laws regarding this form of marijuana provide the patient with a little bit more leeway. For example, a dispensary is not permitted to sell patients marijuana that comes in the form of a brownie. On the other hand, if a patient feels as if using the marijuana to bake their own brownies will be more beneficial to their recovery? They may be permitted to incorporate the products into their cuisine.

3) Will a Family Doctor Write a Prescription?

The answer to this question is a resounding maybe. In many instances, the doctor is not going to have even the slightest interest in prescribing such a drug to their patients. A doctor must complete a training course and prove that they are truly qualified to handle the process of doling out prescriptions before they are even allowed to by the state of Pennsylvania. This is an important factor to bear in mind.

4) Can a Menstruation Cycle Be Treated With Marijuana?

A patient who is hoping to receive a marijuana prescription to assist them with their cramping should probably look elsewhere. While there are a few different states that are willing to offer a prescription for this condition, Pennsylvania is typically not one of them. Currently, this is not one of the conditions that allows for a patient to seek medical marijuana and there are no plans for any changes in the near future.

5) Are Marijuana Plants Grown On Local Farms?

The state laws of Pennsylvania allow farmers to have up to 25 plants at one time. It does bear mentioning that these plants are supposed to be grown indoors. A citizen is not supposed to see marijuana plants growing alongside of the corn and wheat. There is no scenario where a private citizen should be able to wander onto a farm and start stealing marijuana plants for their own benefit.