Pittsburgh Attorneys

5 Questions To Ask Potential Pittsburgh Attorneys

When we are in the process of hiring Pittsburgh attorneys, a number of questions are bound to come to mind. This is especially true for a client that has yet to embark on the legal process before. Let's take a closer look at the most important questions that need to be asked of Pittsburgh attorneys, so that we are able to make the right choices.

By taking a moment to read on and learn more, we are giving ourselves the chance to gain more from our consultation meetings with Pittsburgh attorneys. Be sure to ask the following questions, so that the right decisions can be made about the legal representatives that are chosen.

1) What Is The Attorney's Experience Level?

In other words: does the attorney have a great deal of experience when it comes to handling cases like yours or are they damp behind the ears in this regard? There is no reason to hire an attorney that has never taken a case like the one we are facing and if the attorney cannot provide any information that is truly credible, this is a sure sign that we need to continue our search for a legal representative elsewhere.

2) What Relationship Does The Attorney Have With The Judge?

Has the attorney practiced law in the same courthouse that the client will be fighting their case in? Do they have a strong relationship with the judge? Can they provide any insight into the thought process of the district attorney or the judge? The more experience the attorney has with the judge that is going to be presiding over the case, the better their clients' chances are of receiving a favorable outcome.

3) Has The Attorney Ever Been Sanctioned?

This is something that an attorney might not want to admit to in an open forum, so the client may need to do some research on their own time. The information can often be located online and if there are any further questions, the state's licensing authority can be contacted. If any ethical violations have taken place, the client is also entitled to a detailed explanation about these actions from the attorney.

4) What Are The Case's Likely Outcomes?

The attorneys that we speak with cannot predict the future. What they can do is draw on their past experiences to provide a prognostication. They cannot guarantee any type of specific result to their client. Any attorney that promises a certain outcome to their client is an attorney that should not be trusted under any circumstances. They should be able to provide a client with a rough outline of what to expect, as opposed to a full on prediction.

5) What About Expenses?

We need to know upfront how much a lawyer is going to charge us, so that we can properly prepare ourselves for the expenses that are going to come our way. In certain instances, the client will be charged a fixed amount that can be paid before the legal proceedings actually take place. In others, the client may have to wait until the end of the legal proceedings to find out exactly how much they will owe.