Pittsburgh Case Lawyer

3 Important Questions For A Pittsburgh Case Lawyer

When we find ourselves in need of a Pittsburgh case lawyer, a plethora of different questions will often come to mind. That's why it is important to take the time to educate ourselves about the most important questions that need to be asked of a Pittsburgh case lawyer before it is too late.

Making the wrong choice when it comes to a decision of this magnitude is something that we would all like to avoid. In order to make sure that we are choosing the best Pittsburgh case lawyer for our needs, the following questions must be asked in an expeditious manner.

1) How Long Is This Case Going To Take?

While there is no Pittsburgh case lawyer that is able to provide their clients with a definitive statement in this regard, the best lawyers are able to draw on their years of experience and knowledge the legal system to offer a rough estimate. They cannot guarantee that the case will be taken care of within a certain period of time, though. Be wary of any lawyer that claims to be able to provide a resolution by a set date.

This typically means that they do not have the experience to properly assist us. A top notch case lawyer can discuss strategy and provide their client with a ballpark estimate of how long the case is going to take. They do not have any control whatsoever over how long the process will be and they cannot reasonably provide any sort of guarantee when it comes to this aspect of the proceedings.

2) How Are We Going To Communicate?

The client should feel comfortable about communicating with their lawyer and there should be an established method of communication from the very beginning of the relationship. Perhaps the lawyer prefers to have meetings in person or maybe they are more comfortable using e-mail. The client may want to have a weekly phone conversation that allows them to remain up to date on the progress of their case.

Contact information needs to be exchanged during the very first consultation. This eliminates any and all confusion that may take place during the latter stages of the process. Be sure to come to a solid agreement about the ways that the lawyer will remain in touch before coming to any sort of final hiring decision.

3) What Role Do We Play In Our Case's Preparation?

Some clients may be under the impression that their only job is to sit back and watch everything unfold. Other clients may believe that they are supposed to play an instrumental role in their case and assist their lawyer each and every step of the way. The answer, of course, will always lie somewhere in the middle as far as these types of things are concerned.

Finding out what we need to be doing in order to assist our lawyers is very crucial to the level of success that we experience. In most cases, this is as easy as providing the lawyer with all of the documents and paperwork that they need to build a case on our behalf.