Pittsburgh Defense Attorneys

5 Questions To Ask Pittsburgh Defense Attorneys

While no one ever looks forward to being accused of a crime, we can contact Pittsburgh defense attorneys for the advice that we need and receive assistance in a timely fashion. The best and most reputable Pittsburgh defense attorneys offer their prospective clients the chance to schedule consultation meetings free of charge.

In order to get the most out of these consultation meetings, we need to be fully aware of the questions that are going to have to be asked. Let's take a closer look at the following queries that will be used to shape the decision making process. By reading on to learn more, we are making sure that we are fully educated on everything we need to know.

1) Who Is Going To Be Doing The Actual Work?

The best law firms are typically going to employ a team of defense attorneys. When we meet with a defense attorney, we need to find out if they are going to be the ones who handle our case or if their team is going to be assigned with the case. There is nothing wrong with choosing an attorney that decides to delegate their duties, but this is something that the average client will certainly want to know more about first.

2) How Often Are We Going To Communicate?

The communication techniques of the defense attorney need to be evaluated as early as possible. Hiring a defense attorney that is not willing to provide a simple and easy method for communication that they are willing to adhere to throughout the duration of the legal proceedings is a poor choice. Be sure to select defense attorneys that are able to maintain contact on a regular basis and answer any and all questions that arise.

3) What Is The Role of the Client In Case Preparation?

The client will always have a very important role to play in the preparation of their case. While the Pittsburgh defense attorneys are going to be doing most of the heavy lifting, the client is going to need to pitch in and provide some valuable assists along the way. Any and all paperwork that pertains to the case needs to be provided as soon as possible and the same goes for any other documents that are needed.

4) How Long Will It Take For The Case To Finish?

The case is not going to be completed within a set period of time and expecting a defense attorney to be able to give out a timeline that is hyper specific is a fool's errand. What the defense attorney can do is draw on their years of experience to offer a timeline that is relatively non specific. If the defense attorney attempts to convince their clients to sign up for their services by trying to tell them that they can offer a definitive resolution date? This should be considered a very bad sign.

5) Can The Legal Strategy Be Explained?

Don't make the mistake of simply allowing the attorney to come up with any strategy that pops into their head. Make sure that the attorney is asked to explain the strategy in terms that are easy to understand. Hiring a defense attorney that relies heavily on legal jargon that is not easily understood is not in our best interests.