Orie & Zivic is among the top law firms in the city. The firm has been running since 1976 when Jack Orie and Steve Zivic went into business together after law school. Since then, we have prided ourselves on fighting for the rights of the individual. Our promise has always been to provide the client with more than the client expected.

Why Orie & Zivic? 


Many reasons! To begin our attorneys range in age. The practice level is above most others with over 100 years of combined experience! Not just that, but brothers Jon and Matt are there with a professional understanding of the modern law from a more youthful perspective as well. When looking for an attorney you should shop around, during searching its common to come across the big flashy firm with the stack of empty accolades that they allow to define them. You know as well as us, to those individuals you are simply just a client to them. They do not look at you as a person, they look at you and see just another person in line profit from. Here with Orie & Zivic you are treated like a person, we get to know you as a person, and we will protect you legally as a person. Although professional we are egoless and do not judge. We give you proper advice and representation no matter what legal help you need without the flash or fluff! We are here! We are on your team!

Fair, Caring, and Efficient.

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